Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ngouon: Celebrating the Bamum People

The richness of the Cameroonian culture, life and values were on display during the All Cameroonian Cultural Development Foundation (ACCDF). The objective of the ACCDF is to promote and share the Cameroonian culture in the United States.

The event celebrates the Bamoun Cultural dynasties of the King and Shumum language and writings of the Bamum tribe from the Western part of Cameroon, which is located in the Central part of Africa. Bamum tribe is a kingdom in Cameroon that is well known in Central Africa as one of the most powerful kingdoms of ancient and modern times. Under the rule of King Njoya, was born the bamum language called Shumum, the renowned palace and fine, cultural art.

Come be a part of another December 2010 Ngouon celebration!

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