Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ACN Supports Liberia and her President During Visit to Richmond, VA

ACN Helps Welcome Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to Richmond!

ACN members welcomed Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to Richmond, VA on Sunday, Nov. 7! President Sirleaf was adorned in regal green African attire as the Liberian Association of Virginia, Virginia Union University (VUU) officials, Richmond and Petersburg city government officials and friends of Liberia gathered in a Sunday worship service, recognizing the spiritual and social leadership of women, such as Sirleaf. President Sirleaf is the first female to be elected president of Liberia, a nation once plagued with strife and now, under President Sirleaf's leadership, facing a more prosperous future in areas of educational, economical, social and political progression.

Sirleaf infused the love for her nation and a call for partnership and support in her remarks to the congregation at VUU, a day after speaking to a full house at the Richmond Forum. Her peaceful yet passionate tone filled Coburn Hall at VUU as the young and the wise held on to her words of hope and positive transformation. She told the audience of Richmonders and Liberians that their support for her nation was not only wanted, but needed, and she urged them to be a part of change. Her remarks followed celebratory African drumming, harmonic singing by Liberian Association of Virginia choir, a history presentation given by area youth honoring Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the founding father of Liberia and its first president, and a powerfully poignant sermon led by VUU Dean of the School of Theology, Rev. John Kinney. The sound and beauty of Africa filled the air as ACN drummers poured out their love for Liberia and its leadership, welcoming President Sirleaf and then seeing her off with the rythm and beats of the Mother Land.