Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Embracing Culture

The ability to embrace the core of the African culture is conducive to the healing of society, the enhanced perception of history and of ourselves, and the expansion of our hope for the future. The Elegba Folklore Society in Richmond, VA is an organization that aims to create heightened cultural consciousness in Richmond and surrounding communities.

Among the Yoruba, Elegba is the Orisa or intercessor who opens the roads, bringing clarity out of confusion. The Elegba Folklore Society provides the road-opening experience for those who seek a journey.

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Mahamadou said...

Big thanks to the Elegba Folklore Society for celebrating the African culture here in Richmond and teaching the general public about the African culture. It was great to see American born African to dance and sing African traditions as they did in the event that took place last week part celebrating African culture. Elegba is doing great work to help spread the African Culture to those who don’t much about it