Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rebuilding the Cultural Bridge

The personal and educational pursuit of Africans is embedded in the culture and is passed down to children of the Continent. Perseverance. Dedication. Commitment. Hard work. Work ethic. Resilience. Victory. These strong attributes describe and almost define the existence of many African cultures all over the beautiful Continent. According to research, African immigrants, particulary Nigerians, have the highest level of education in the U.S. when it comes to the entire global immigrant population.

Some children who grow up in villages (not all do. many are raised in the cities) in Africa so greatly value their education that they transport their hard, wooden desks and chairs to and from school on the back of their bicycles, riding miles to school under the beaming African sun. Some schools don't have doors, and if their desk, chair and books are left unsecured overnight, there is fear that these educational tools may be gone by morning.

There is a bold and bright concept of education held by an African heritage that many African Americans (children and adults) living in the U.S. are missing. A culture reconnect between Africans, African history and culture and African-Americans could greatly change communities, the world even, and save lives.

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